Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Stephan Neumann, born in 1958. I am a self-employed IT specialist, musician, photographer, business analyst, database designer, painter, AdvoPerfect provider and website developer. I live and work in Amsterdam.


My main source of income is an app, advice and support for small social lawyer firms. It includes document storage, billing, mail, agenda, legal aid, hours and backups. From 1987 to 2017, previous versions called Legal Aid and Legal Eagle served many larger firms.


My Nissan Leaf can be rented by the half day via Snappcar insured and with road assistance. I offer an airport service where you drive your passengers and luggage to the airport and I return it.

Op deel ik mijn auto met bekende buren en kan je de auto per uur lenen.


text to follow. De nagelaten fotos van Hannie Besselink (mijn moeder) vindt u hier ook.